Li Edelkoort tells us that fashion has nothing else to say anymore, but maybe she could start wondering?



MC. CHATARD believes it so.



We are facing a "system that needs review" and are becoming more and more aware of it. The garment industry is not only meant to act and interact. Like a rewritten user manual, with time, it applies to all and for all.



Would it not be simpler to choose a new one that would really suit us? In accordance to our values , our way of life and our desires? A system in which we feel comfortable and keep us aware?



MC.C seeks to develop and propose new solutions for sustainable fashion.



In order to do this, we decided to work using a charter that aims to keep a "creative" ax and will make efforts not to deviate from it. It is a progressive charter that must not become binding. A code of conduct for the "brand" must make it possible to choose and decide with humanity and never lose the logic in what MC.C wants to propose.


1.No production should go against our values. Employees must have the same values, that is, respect for people and the environment around us. Productions must be local to avoid excess products. The MC.CHATARD team must ensure the quality of the working conditions of the employees before engaging in a collaboration.



2. Our products meet the demand. They must be aesthetic and utilitarian. Product quality is a priority.



3. The MC.CHATARD team must inform its consumers as much as possible. They have access to the stages of production, components, list of all project participants (Anthill). It must encourage people to consume conscientiously.



4. The MC.CHATARD team must listen to any criticism and aim for the best to be in constant evolution.



5. The MC.CHATARD team must regularly propose new creations that are different from the usual ones. We must find a singularity in all products to avoid falling into banality.


Collection basic

Twice a year, we will release a basic collection. It will consist of 4 to 8 pieces that can come out as they go along. The clothes will be comfortable, practical, pleasant and aesthetically appealing.

Collection collaboration

It concerns all other mediums. The idea is to associate with one or more people mastering another medium or means of expression which will lead to another micro-collection. The goal is to keep on learning and enrich the proposal made by MC.C

Collection Solution

This collection is all about proposing new ways to dress up.

A research of new ecological and ethical way to dress.


You can see some of this idea in our new colletion : A2.

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